Demande de confidentialité Droits

Please complete the following form to initiate a rights request action. We will use this data to validate your identity. You will then be sent an email asking for the specifics of your rights request. As each of these steps is taken you’ll receive confirmation from us. This multi-step process is to protect you. We take your privacy very seriously, and want to ensure you are given the respect and attention needed for this important issue.

The information you supply in this form will only be used for the purposes of identifying the personal data you are requesting and responding to your request. You are not obliged to complete this form to make a request, but doing so will make it easier for us to process your request quickly.By initiating a rights request with us you can:

  • Access or request your information
  • Update your information
  • Restrict processing of your information
  • Remove all your information from our systems
  • Request or revoke receival of marketing information